Australian police find bodies in search for missing couple

Australian police find bodies in search for missing couple

Australian authorities have made a grim discovery in the search for a missing couple allegedly murdered by a police officer. Two bodies, believed to be those of Jesse Baird, 26, and Luke Davies, 29, have been found, according to New South Wales Senior Constable Beaumont Lamarre-Condon, who was charged last week with their murders.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb confirmed the finding at a news conference, expressing confidence in the identification of the bodies. Lamarre-Condon reportedly assisted in providing information leading to the discovery of the bodies.

The bodies were found in two surf bags concealed under debris on a property in the NSW town of Bungonia, detailed Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty. Crime scene investigators are currently on-site to conduct further examinations.

Webb emphasized the anguish experienced by the families during the wait for news, expressing relief that the search has come to a conclusion.

The missing couple, Davies and Baird, were last seen at Baird’s residence in Paddington, Sydney, on February 19. Concerns for their safety heightened after their bloodied belongings were discovered in Cronulla, approximately 30 kilometers away.

Previous investigations at Baird’s residence revealed blood traces, a “projectile,” and a fired cartridge case linked to Lamarre-Condon’s firearm, as per police reports.

Lamarre-Condon appeared in court on Friday, facing two charges of murder. He opted not to apply for bail.