Katy Perry and Rita Ora Watch Taylor Swift at Her 1st Sydney Eras Tour Show

Taylor Swift’s inaugural Eras Tour show in Sydney attracted attention not only for her captivating performance but also for the notable presence of several celebrities in the audience. Among them, Travis Kelce, the boyfriend of the pop sensation, showed his support alongside fellow singers Katy Perry and Rita Ora on Friday night.

In a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Perry and Ora were spotted engaged in conversation within a VIP tent. Additionally, Perry seemed to graciously accept a handmade bracelet from a fan, reminiscent of the trend that emerged during Swift’s previous Eras Tour where fans exchanged beaded bracelets inspired by lyrics from her song “Midnights.”

Both Perry and Ora opted for chic black attire for the occasion, with Ora accessorizing with a black cap and strapless top, while Perry flaunted a black bralette. Notably, Ora’s husband, filmmaker Taika Waititi, joined the duo, adding to the star-studded atmosphere. The connection between Ora and Swift extends back to November 2022 when Ora and Waititi presented Swift with an MTV EMA award during the annual ceremony in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Perry’s support for Swift on tour comes in the wake of a public reconciliation between the two, following a prolonged and complicated relationship that inspired songs like Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Perry’s “Swish Swish.” In a candid interview on the Howard Stern Show in July 2020, Perry emphasized the importance of setting an example for their younger fans by resolving their differences and moving forward positively.

Swift’s concert, however, faced a slight delay due to adverse weather conditions, prompting the Accor Stadium to advise fans to remain undercover until further notice and follow staff instructions for safety. Despite the weather challenges, Swift addressed the resilient Australian crowd of 81,000 attendees, expressing her appreciation for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. As the tour progresses, Swift continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her electrifying performances, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.