Nikki Haley requests Secret Service protection due to threats

Nikki Haley requests Secret Service protection due to threats

Nikki Haley, the only remaining GOP presidential candidate competing with former President Donald Trump for the party’s nomination, has applied for US Secret Service protection due to threats she is facing, as confirmed by her campaign spokesperson to CNN. The campaign did not provide details on when the request was made.

There have been reports of two swatting incidents at Haley’s home in South Carolina in recent months, including one incident that occurred while her parents were present.

Responding to questions about the increased security presence at her events, Haley acknowledged the reality of facing threats in public life but stated that it would not deter her from her campaign. She indicated that she is prepared to have additional security measures in place if necessary.

Haley has been accompanied by a heightened security presence for approximately a week. However, Secret Service protection is only provided after authorization by the Secretary of Homeland Security, who consults with a congressional advisory committee.

In the past, individuals such as then-Senator Barack Obama have been placed under Secret Service protection based on recommendations from congressional committees due to an increased number of threats. Additionally, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has requested Secret Service protection during this election cycle, although it has not been granted.