Taylor Swift’s NYC stalker mentally ‘unfit’ for trial, attorney claims in plea to get him out of Rikers Island

Taylor Swift’s NYC stalker mentally ‘unfit’ for trial, attorney claims in plea to get him out of Rikers Island

On Wednesday, the attorney representing David Crowe, the Seattle law student accused of stalking Taylor Swift, asserted that her client was deemed mentally unfit for trial. Crowe, 33, was expected to attend a hearing at Manhattan criminal court regarding his repeated presence outside Swift’s New York apartment. However, his continued detention at Rikers Island was attributed to the results of a recent court-ordered mental health evaluation, according to his attorney, Katherine LeGeros Bajuk.

Two psychiatrists evaluated Crowe and concluded that he was “not fit to proceed,” both based on the evaluation itself and a review of his criminal record. Despite this determination, Crowe was not scheduled for transfer to a mental health facility but instead remained incarcerated at Rikers pending another hearing on Friday, as per his attorney’s statement.

Bajuk expressed frustration with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, noting their reluctance to agree to Crowe’s transfer despite receiving the detailed 11-page evaluation report early on the day of the hearing. She highlighted the potential for extended detention, lamenting how some clients remain in jail for months after being deemed mentally unfit.

The evaluation was mandated by a judge following Crowe’s previous hearing, which stemmed from his apprehension outside Swift’s Tribeca residence, in violation of a court order issued on January 22. This incident marked the third time within a week that Crowe was arrested near Swift’s apartment, where he was allegedly observed surveilling the pop singer’s residence on numerous occasions since November.

Crowe’s most recent arrest occurred shortly after his release from court when he was caught on camera searching through a dumpster outside Swift’s apartment, prompting her security team to alert local authorities. As a result, Crowe is presently detained at Rikers on a $100,000 bail for contempt, having intentionally defied the court order.

Initially charged with stalking in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor, and two counts of harassment, Crowe’s legal situation remains uncertain pending further court proceedings.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift achieved a historic fourth Album of the Year award at the 2024 Grammy Awards for her album “Midnights.” During her acceptance speech, the megastar announced plans for a new album titled “The Tortured Poets Department,” set to be released on April 19.