Freed Israeli hostage says she ‘went through holocaust’ in Gaza

Freed Israeli hostage says she ‘went through holocaust’ in Gaza

Mia Schem, a 21-year-old Israeli woman who was held captive by Hamas fighters after being kidnapped from the Nova music festival on Oct. 7, recently spoke about her 54-day ordeal in an interview with Channel 13. She emphasized the importance of sharing the truth about the people living in Gaza, stating that she felt she had “gone through a holocaust” during her captivity and expressing the belief that everyone in Gaza is a terrorist.

According to Schem, she was held by a civilian family in Gaza, raising questions about why families would be associated with Hamas. She pondered the presence of children and women in the household where she was captive. The interview sheds light on her experience and the conditions under which she was held.

Schem’s release occurred as part of a prisoner-hostage exchange during a temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. The circumstances surrounding her captivity, including being shot in the arm, highlight the complex and challenging situations that individuals may face in conflict zones.

Israeli officials revealed that during her time in captivity, Schem received treatment for her gunshot wound from a veterinarian. This detail adds a unique and unusual aspect to her story, indicating the challenges and limitations faced in such situations.

In recounting her traumatic experience, Schem provides a firsthand account that offers insights into the complex dynamics of the region and the impact of conflicts on individuals caught in the midst of hostilities.