Wild NYC police chase involving stolen box truck sends 2 cops to hospital, damages 25 cars: NYPD

Wild NYC police chase involving stolen box truck sends 2 cops to hospital, damages 25 cars: NYPD

A stolen box truck led police on a chaotic chase through Staten Island, resulting in a series of dramatic events. The 48-year-old driver, believed to have committed crimes throughout the day, was spotted in a stolen WB Mason delivery truck. The vehicle had been reported stolen in New Jersey, with the driver allegedly involved in carjacking and abandoning multiple vehicles earlier in the day.

The incident began when officers tried to initiate a lawful traffic stop at the intersection of Bishop Street and Cranford Avenue in the Richmond neighborhood. Instead of complying, the suspect reversed the stolen truck, colliding with three patrol cars. One patrol car was dragged roughly 40 feet, with the pursuing officers facing considerable danger.

Despite the collision, the driver continued to operate the stolen truck recklessly for about five miles, striking at least 25 civilian cars along the way. The pursuit finally came to an end, and the driver was taken into custody. Charges are pending, but he is already wanted for numerous crimes in both Staten Island and New Jersey, including at least three car thefts.

During the chase, two police officers sustained minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries to civilians. The investigation is ongoing to determine the full extent of the crimes committed and the charges the suspect will face.

This incident raises concerns about the safety of high-speed pursuits, as highlighted in a memo by NYPD leadership several months ago. The memo emphasized the need to weigh the risk to officers, the public, and the community, with a directive to terminate pursuits when the danger outweighs the immediate need for apprehension.