Did Kid Rock, Jason Aldean cancel New York shows in support of Donald Trump?

Did Kid Rock, Jason Aldean cancel New York shows in support of Donald Trump

The internet was abuzz with reports suggesting that Kid Rock and Jason Aldean had canceled shows from their upcoming tour in support of former President Donald Trump. However, upon closer examination, it appears that these reports were not entirely accurate.

Numerous social media posts circulated on Tuesday, particularly on X, indicating that both artists would skip New York on their “You Can’t Cancel America” tour. These posts suggested that this decision was a response to New York’s purportedly extreme stance against President Trump.

It turns out that the source of these claims originated from a satirical website called The Dunning-Krueger Times. The website published an article stating that the tour would avoid New York due to recent legal actions against Trump in the state’s court system. These actions included significant financial penalties and ongoing legal proceedings related to alleged misconduct.

However, a closer look at The Dunning-Krueger Times reveals that it is a platform for parody and satire, not a credible news source. The site’s “About Us” section explicitly states its nature as a network of satire and tomfoolery, targeting a conservative audience referred to as “Taters.”

Despite the circulating rumors, Kid Rock and Aldean’s tour is actually named the “Rock the Country Tour,” not “You Can’t Cancel America.” Furthermore, there were no scheduled stops in New York on their tour itinerary. Additionally, neither artist has issued any public statements regarding the tour or any potential cancellations.

In essence, while the internet chatter may have suggested otherwise, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Kid Rock and Jason Aldean canceled shows on their tour due to New York’s stance on Trump.