2 GOP lawmakers targeted in Christmas Day ‘swatting’ calls as police investigate

2 GOP lawmakers targeted in Christmas Day 'swatting' calls as police investigate

On Christmas Day, two Republican lawmakers, Rep. Brandon Williams of New York and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, fell victim to “swatting” calls, a dangerous prank where false reports of a crime prompt a police response to a targeted location. Rep. Williams shared the incident on social media, expressing gratitude for the law enforcement response, and mentioning that Capitol Police and local authorities are investigating the swatting.

In a separate incident, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also reported being swatted, marking the eighth such occurrence for her. She emphasized the distress caused by such incidents, particularly on Christmas with her family present. The Rome Police Department in Georgia confirmed receiving an emergency call to Greene’s address, but upon coordination with her security detail, it was determined that there was no actual emergency, and the response was canceled en route.

Both lawmakers denounced the swatting incidents, with Rep. Greene expressing appreciation for her local police and condemning the unnecessary burden placed on law enforcement due to such pranks. Swatting not only poses risks to the targeted individuals and their families but also diverts valuable law enforcement resources away from genuine emergencies. The recurring nature of swatting incidents raises concerns about the safety and security of public figures and the effectiveness of measures to prevent such malicious hoaxes.

While the offices of the affected representatives did not immediately respond to media requests for comments, these incidents highlight the need for increased awareness, preventative measures, and potential legal consequences to deter individuals from engaging in swatting activities.