You know you’re cooked when Woody Allen comes to your defense

You know you’re cooked when Woody Allen comes to your defense

Whenever Luis Rubiales’s case ends, and it’ll hopefully be soon, he’ll know that Woody Allen voicing his opinion on the side of Rubiales was the death knell. There’s no coming back from Allen thinking he’s your ally. If Rudy Guiliani calls soon, he’ll know it’s very much over.

In case you missed it, here. And why, may you ask, was anyone interested in the opinion of Allen? Perhaps he was the first alleged sex offender that El Mundo could get. Perhaps they know that Allen rushing to the aid of anyone ensures their guilt and eventual slink from the public sphere. Perhaps Allen just feels the need to comment on anyone who’s been revealed as a creep in a sign of gross solidarity. An alarm goes off in whatever glossy hovel he’s bunkered into where he can complain about his sandwich.

Anyway, Rubiales is toast, as even the men’s team got in on the act this weekend, releasing a joint statement condemning him. The walls are closing in from all angles. And the coup de grace is Allen feeling the need to pipe up. If this is the company you keep, then clearly changes have to be made.

Dodgers P Julio Urias arrested, charged with DV

It was a banner day for deja vu for jerkwads everywhere. Julio Urias was arrested on domestic abuse charges, four years after he was last arrested for domestic violence that got him a 20-game suspension from MLB. He’s currently not on the trip with the Dodgers, who will be put under an interesting exam on this one because they’ll head into the playoffs with basically two starters without Urias while the rest of the team might be poised to go back to the World Series. What’s the wager they try and push off any big decision until the offseason?

Another traffic-related offense for the University of Georgia

A University of Georgia coach was arrested over the weekend for reckless driving, which seems to be a rite of passage in Athens. But then Athens has become the new Camelot, with their back-to-back national titles allowing anyone on the football program to behave however they see fit. Coach Kirby Smart was doing his best “look in your own closet” defense routine.

Another Alexander Zverev allegation

Meanwhile, in Queens, Alexander Zverev continued his US Open campaign in the fourth round against Jannik Sinner, while he’s ducking a second charge of domestic abuse, this time from the mother of his child in Germany. Zverev had been accused by a previous girlfriend a few years ago, which the ATP tour investigated and eventually closed. Now there’s a second one, which would lead any reasonable person to ask how many does it take? Makes for pretty awkward television after Zverev wins when his post-match interviews probe just as deep as, “How about these great fans?!” They might as well be conducted by the wrestling press.

Brian Kelly, ladies and gentlemen

Meanwhile, in a further exhibition of the leaking cesspool that is college football, Brian Kelly was only happy to show his ass in an interview about his old job at Notre Dame. The money quote:

“There are priorities at Notre Dame,” Kelly said. “The architectural building needed to get built first. They ain’t building the architectural building here first. We’re building the athletic training facility first, [and] we’re in the midst of a $22 million addition to our athletic training facility. It’s something I said we needed, and we went and immediately raised the money.”

Kelly seems to have a weird handle on priorities, given that he was allowed to have a hand in the deaths of both Declan Sullivan and Lizzie Seeberg. Or at least the football program was certainly prioritized over their well-being. But having the architecture department get a new building before he could get what he wanted, was a bridge too far. Would LSU let him kill students and redo the gym with a swipe of his hand?

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