With Aaron Rodgers in New York, the Jets and these other teams should improve

With Aaron Rodgers in New York, the Jets and these other teams should improve


The New York Jets should improve with Aaron Rodgers at QB
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Not every team in the NFL can enjoy the same scope of success. After all, there are 32 teams and at the end of the season only one Super Bowl Champion. Naturally, it’s fair to feel like the 31 other teams in the league aren’t winners — you could go as far as to call them losers if you really wanted, at least by the literal definition.

However, success isn’t linear. As much as every team will tell you that they truly believe they can contend for a Super Bowl at the start of every season, it’s simply not true. If the league completely reset it would be, but every team starts the season with different opportunities, different resources, and because of that, different goals. Sometimes improvement can be as little as an extra win or the development of a young player. Sometimes it can be a push for the playoffs or a deeper postseason run.

Whatever the flavor, there will be teams improving from 2022 to 2023. Teams who missed the playoffs last year will make the playoffs as the ever-changing landscape of the NFL radiates. But who are the teams who could improve the most in 2023? We’ll strictly keep it to non-playoff teams, but there’s no guarantee all the teams listed will make the playoffs, just that improvement is expected.


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