Who wants to tell Bob Myers that nobody cares?

Who wants to tell Bob Myers that nobody cares?

Nobody cares, Bob.
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There’s nothing more inside sports than talking shop about general managers and team presidents. Obviously, their job is vital to the success of the organization. It’s just, no one really needs to know more than that. Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers has been leaking his contract negotiations to the press since early December, and yet nobody gives a shit.

I don’t know how many chits Myers had to cash in to get The Athletic to pen an entirely too long exposé on “Why the Warriors are in danger of losing Bob Myers,” but it had to be a lot considering the sports insider outlet published this puff piece on Myers’ new podcast the same day.

Myers has a new podcast to promote

The longtime Dubs front office guy said there wasn’t an “epiphany” that prompted this unnecessary piece of media; it’s “more checking in with myself.” Dude, if you want to do that, buy a journal. Your mind isn’t that complex that we need to hear unscripted conversations with basketball personalities. Half the guests Myers booked already have their own pods. Shit, everybody has a pod.

Myers’ podcast is an Omaha Productions… production, because of course it is. The more ventures Peyton Manning puts out, the more upset I get that he used my hometown to call hot routes and sponsor Pat McAfee. Who is asking for more content from front office people? If the algorithm that suggests podcasts for you spits out the “Lead By Example” show, featuring some sports exec you’ve never heard speak before, you should question your life decisions.

Going deep about the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference sounds like a great way to prematurely get out of a date that you don’t want to be on. (If she’s into it, that’s even more of an indication to turn and run.)

Dos Equis already has a world’s most interesting man, so please stop submitting your audition tapes, Bob. It’s uncomfortable.

The Splash Bros. revolutionized the NBA, not Golden State’s front office

Myers didn’t orchestrate a trade to move up to get Steph Curry. The greatest shooter of all time fell to Golden State because Minnesota took two point guards who weren’t Curry. Klay Thompson was selected at the tailend of the lottery; it wasn’t like it was some leap to select him at 11. And Myers wasn’t even there when they took Curry, and was just an assistant GM when they took Thompson.

The GM may have had a hand in the Hamptons meet-and-greet between Kevin Durant, Steph, Klay, and Draymond Green, but it wasn’t some brilliant ploy he concocted that landed KD.

The Warriors, like every other NBA team, got a huge opportunity when the cap increased, and had the players, staff, and championship window in place to entice Durant. Do you think the Trail Blazers were trying to overpay Meyers Leonard and Evan Turner rather than sign the Slim Reaper? I mean, come on.

If Steve Kerr or a member of the Big Three was on their way out of the Bay Area, it would merit multiple leaked stories to The Athletic and a podcast or two. However, no one. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Gives a fuck about Bob. Retire, take a new gig, get scammed by a hedge fund manager, I don’t care. The nerve of this guy. 

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