Which NBA title contender will Jae Crowder join?

Which NBA title contender will Jae Crowder join?

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The Bucks are interesting because they were close to acquiring Crowder recently in what would’ve been a three-team trade with Houston as the third participant. Just because this deal was put on hold for now, doesn’t mean it or something similar can’t be worked out before the trade deadline in February. Milwaukee is already one of the favorites to win the title this year, and adding Crowder might push them past the Boston Celtics for Eastern Conference supremacy.

Adding Crowder to the Bucks’ second unit would be more of a move for the postseason but getting him on the team as early as possible will only benefit the team’s chemistry. Some still believe that had Khris Middleton (pictured) been healthy against the Celtics last postseason, the Bucks would’ve gotten past them and ultimately wound up in the NBA Finals facing Golden State.

Should Milwaukee find a way to bring in Crowder, they’d have another guy who can knock down big shots in clutch time, plays hard on defense, and always gives the maximum effort. Aside from that, he can still contribute 10-12 points per game, and no contender is turning that down. It’d be like adding another Bobby Portis to the roster, which would be scary.

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