Which MLB hot starts through Memorial Day are here to stay?

Which MLB hot starts through Memorial Day are here to stay?


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Queens was struggle city for the first 40 games, and they still haven’t fully recovered from that bad start, but there are signs of life. A Pete Alonso walk-off home run against the Rays in extra innings was the beginning of a five game winning streak that got them back over .500. He saved his pre at bat deadlift session for a good time. Pitching acquisitions Justin Verlander and Kodai Senga have been pretty underwhelming so far. They’ve already had nine different starting pitchers this season, and it’s not because they’re so deep that you just gotta let them all play. The rotation needs to stop getting injured (and suspended) for them to be real contenders. To steal a fun exercise from the movie Moneyball, let’s calculate how much they’re spending per win. They’re on pace for 83 wins, and with a payroll of $345,913,716, they’d be spending $4,167,635 per win. The Mets are playing moneyball, but in reverse. Even with their terrible start though, they’re currently in the last NL wildcards spot, so I guess it’s worth it.


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