Where are the Coyotes going?

Where are the Coyotes going?

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Forget it. Even though this is the most awesome option.

QC has a building ready to go that they would sell out for the season tomorrow if they were allowed. It’s twice the size, population-wise, of Salt Lake. If the goal was to put the team where it will be forever supported without doubt, this is by far the best answer.

But…it’s another Canadian team and Gary Bettman would puke up a lung before allowing in another team shelling out American dollars but making Canadian dollars after being unable or unwilling to stop the Jets from becoming alive again. The Canadiens wouldn’t exactly roll out a red carpet for another team in a province that they’ve had the run of for nearly 30 years now. Realignment would have to come about at some point soon, which would probably mean punting either Detroit or Columbus back to the West after the whole rigamarole that led them bellyaching to the East in the first place (though watching Wings fans soak their socks in their own piss is one of the best reasons to do it).

But come on, we could get these beauties back and games with the Canadiens that will remind everyone what hockey is all about. QC won’t give a damn that the team will probably be bad for a little while longer, and it will instantly become one of the best buildings in terms of atmosphere in the league. In a vacuum this is the best answer next to Houston, but if Bettman worked in a vacuum, would the Coyotes have been in Arizona this long?

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