TMZ gets Michael Jordan’s thoughts on Larsa and Marcus

TMZ gets Michael Jordan's thoughts on Larsa and Marcus


Michael Jordan looks on during qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 on June 24, 2023, at Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon, TN.
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What is going on between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan is none of our business. Be real though, you were curious as to how Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen feel about this. There’s a reason that gossip rags have littered grocery store checkout aisles for decades. As a whole, people have no interest in minding their own business. Fortunately, modern technology has birthed TMZ which hurls celebrities’ personal business at us with great force.

The outlet has questionable journalistic ethics that allow it to have access to videos of Solange attacking Jay-Z in an elevator or Draymond Green cold cocking former teammate Jordan Poole. TMZ does also employ simpler methods to garner information. Yelling at famous people sometimes will result in a quote.

While Jordan was in Paris someone yelled out, asking him if he approves of his son dating Pippen’s ex wife. He laughed at first, but the person was persistent and got Jordan to yell back, “No!”

Even less words than Jordan’s fax when he returned to the NBA for the first time. That one word is all we needed though. TMZ got that story up on Monday morning and now there is news for us to consume near a holiday. Perfect for one of the more gluttonous holidays on the American calendar — Independence Day.

Forget the strawberry shortcake or peach cobbler, give me Jordan giving a one-word response to one of the most discussed and wholly unimportant news topics. Who doesn’t love those delicious, sweet, gooey, and velvety empty calories? With the United States Supreme Court drop kicking equality last week, I’ve had enough vegetables. It’s cheesecake time.

And that is what TMZ is here for, to roll the dessert cart in front us every day. It brings us tasty information of no nutritional value. Occasionally it publishes the Ray Rice video and begins a national conversation about domestic violence, but most of the time the news is in the realm of YouTuber Adam22 having no qualms with his porn star wife going back to work.

TMZ may not be 20/20, but some outlet has to get out there and pry into celebrities’ personal lives to keep the coal on the content fire. At least TMZ does its job well.


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