This Burger is overcooked

This Burger is overcooked

Jake Burger

Jake Burger
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Jake Burger does his best work for the White Sox with his batting helmet on, and after Saturday’s outing at third base in spring training, he might think about asking to spend more time as a designated hitter.

Not that Burger did anything wrong at the hot corner… it’s just that playing in the field seems like it messed with his head a bit.

No, not mentally.

This year’s mesh-backed Cactus League caps might provide ventilation, but it turns out to be more like an air fryer… or, given the lines cooked into his head, a… Burger grill?

What baseball needs is somebody who knows how to control the temperature of a Burger, somebody who knows how to make sure that what’s supposed to be hot is hot, and what’s supposed to be cool is cool.

But what does the McDLT have to do with baseball caps? The inventor of that burger, at least according to the lore of the McDonald’s commercial, went on to a career in baseball, where he became assistant traveling secretary for the Yankees and pioneered a plan for natural uniform fabrics that helped New York play better and more comfortably.

At least for a little while.

Burger didn’t split his pants, so there’s that. Unfortunately, his solution to this hat issue probably will be something sensible like “wearing sunscreen.” What he really should do is take the Babe Ruth approach and tuck a lettuce leaf under his cap. Maybe throw a tomato slice in there too, and this Burger can be the McDHLT.

So long as nobody tries to use Babe Ruth’s jersey as a napkin or try on Lou Gehrig’s pants

NASCAR can’t master race tweet

Saturday’s Xfinity Series race in Atlanta went to overtime, and then a second overtime after a three-car wreck resulted in a red flag for oil spilled on the track.

The top two drivers heading into that two-lap shootout to decide the race were Ryan Sieg and Austin Hill. That doesn’t seem like such a big deal until…

Whoever typed up and sent that tweet obviously did Nazi what the problem was with it until it was already up, and, well, screenshots last forever.

Sieg’s lead in the race didn’t last, though. Ty Gibbs — grandson of team owner and Hall of Fame football coach Joe — won his second race of the season with a last-lap pass that not only left Hill in second place, but shuffled Sieg through traffic all the way back to 10th.

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