These fantasy football punishments are getting out of hand

These fantasy football punishments are getting out of hand

Green Bay Packers RB AJ Dillon

One of the best parts about fantasy football is the ability to gloat over your friends and family. Obviously, the only person with no place to gloat is the one who finishes last place. That’s why most leagues have last-place punishments, something meant to embarrass the worst player in the league that year.

The key is to come up with something that’s either fast and humiliating or time-consuming and entertaining for the rest of the league. That’s what makes the classic “Eat a ghost pepper” or “Waffle House 24-hour challenge” so remarkable. They’re fun, simple, and no one gets hurt. You definitely don’t want to force one of your friends to do something that will alter their life. Trust me, I know. I was once in a league where someone recommended the punishment be going down to a sperm bank, donating a sample, and checking the box that says “the child can contact you when they turn 18.” Needless to say, everyone’s jaws hit the floor, and we didn’t choose that punishment.

Even that doesn’t compare to the punishment AJ Dillon ran into while playing Escape from Tarkov on his Twitch channel though.

Yeah, AJ Dillon ran into a fantasy football player who is currently in last place in his fantasy league. At that pace, he is just four weeks away from having to join the military. That’s the most brutal punishment I’ve ever heard. I understand that some people dream of going into the military, but that’s obviously not the case for these gentlemen because otherwise, it wouldn’t be a punishment. It would be the prize for winning the league.

The mystery man never says whether or not he had Dillon on his team, but you have to imagine the only reason they got to talking about fantasy football in the first place was that Dillon was on his squad. If that is the case, which seems likely, imagine the toll such an epiphany will have on the rest of Dillon’s season. He now knows that how he plays will determine whether or not somebody is forced to join the military. Dillon is probably going to rush for over 100 yards and a touchdown every week for the rest of the season.

For a punishment that severe, I really hope this guy didn’t have to pay a league buy-in. Imagine spending $25 just to get sent to the Army. You can do that for free right now! The implications that this punishment puts on the table are so insane, I don’t even want to think about it. I really hope Dillon plays well for the rest of the year…for this man’s sake. Also, I have Dillon in one of my leagues, and I don’t want to finish last place either.

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