The writers’ strike is over and the NBA script is already rolling

The writers’ strike is over and the NBA script is already rolling

James Harden and Joel Embiid will play leading roles in the next season of National Basketball Association.
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Ding-dong, the strike is dead. The Deadspin staff’s WGA brethren have come to an agreement with the AMPTP that financially acknowledges the importance of the brains and fingertips that are part of the foundation of entertainment.

The writers are headed back to work, which means the impending return of late-night television — although Jimmy Fallon has some explaining to do about his alleged toxic wing of 30 Rock. Other favorites such as Young Sheldon, Abbott Elementary, the Chicago series, whatever HBO series David Zaslav hasn’t canceled, and more will gradually return to air.

And most importantly, professional sports script writers can get back to work. Arian Foster of course broke that news earlier this year when he said that the NFL is more acts and scenes than splits and screens.

Aaron Rodgers must have needed a lot of convincing for the whole summer build-up of saving the New York Jets only to crumple to the MetLife Stadium turf four plays into his Monday Night Football debut.

The NFL script was stuck in a bit of a lull in Week 2, but came back with a vengeance in Week 3 with Taylor Swift showing up at a Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears — whose franchise is in the process of melting down. I guess the writers finished some NFL work before they walked on May 2, because the build-up, and payoff of that Swift appearance was quite well done.

Next month, however, brings the NBA season — a dramedy like none other. It’s already underway with Damian Lillard being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that a three-team deal has Jrue Holiday and Deandre Ayton off to the Portland Trail Blazers, Grayson Allen, and Jusuf Nurkic will be with the Phoenix Suns.

The writers have returned in the nick of time for the start of this season. I am not in the NBA writer’s room, but if the showrunner is looking for some fresh talent I have a few ideas for a rousing 2023-24 season.

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