The Rockies’ scoreboard operator is going through some stuff

The Rockies’ scoreboard operator is going through some stuff

Some typos in there, but we can all appreciate the sentiment

Some typos in there, but we can all appreciate the sentiment
Screenshot: Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies came into last night’s game fresh off a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds. Energy was high and the team was looking to pick up their series against Washington on a similar note. The Rockies were favored in this matchup. They had their ace, Germán Marquez on the mound, and while he’d struggled to that point, he was facing a mediocre Nationals lineup that ranked directly in the middle of MLB in runs per game and 17th in OPS. Yes, everyone was feeling good…except the Coors Field scoreboard operator. He was battling demons, and just before first pitch, he offered a heartbreaking piece of advice under the guise of “Game Notes.”

Hey man, do you need someone to talk to? I mean I’m here for you if you need to vent.

You can tell this man was clearly going through something. I mean, what person in a sound state of mind misspells “Pat Benatar,” especially when her iconic song “Heartbreaker” is on their mind? Clearly, this man was crying out for help and in a desperate state of “Someone notice my pain!” threw this life advice on the board. Or maybe he peeked into a crystal ball earlier that day and knew the Rockies were about to get demolished 10-2 by the lowly Nationals. I’d be in a bad state too if that happened to my favorite team.

I had to find this man. If not to interview him, then to at least ask how his day was. However, after several searches, I couldn’t be sure who is currently operating the board. Then, I realized…”Wait. I’m spending all this time asking ‘Who is the scoreboard operator?’ and never stopping to think ‘How is the scoreboard operator?’” I’d become the very thing that brought the Rockies’ scoreboard operator to their knees as they wrote the piece of life advice seen above. I was mortified at my selfish thinking and can only ask the operator for forgiveness.

In all seriousness though, this isn’t something new for Rockies’ fans. Any regular at Coors Field is very used to seeing these odd, yet hysterical notes shine down on the fans from left field. At the start of June 2019, the operator was seen complaining about being thrown in “grocery store jail.” In July of that same year, the scoreboard did a deep dive on the anatomy of blowfish and how that changes the meaning of Hootie and the Blowfish’s song “Hold My Hand. In May, the operator talked about his first wife and the alimony litigation he had to endure. He’s spoken so much about his own personal life that Rockies fans might know this guy on a more personal level than his first wife ever did. Maybe that’s why their marriage didn’t last.

Whoever is operating that board at Coors Field obviously has an incredible sense of humor. Don’t ever change. Unless, of course, you are seriously going through some difficult times right now and need a change of pace or scenery to get back on your feet. In that case…yes, please do change.

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