Steph Curry just wants to be the same emo kid you are

Steph Curry just wants to be the same emo kid you are

Stephen Curry, pop-punk icon
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There are some things that money and fame (and maybe a dash of NIMBYism) apparently can’t touch. For Steph Curry, that’s apparently the emo kid within him, the one that is sure society and the people he knows doesn’t get him. The vapidness around him apparently sickens him, or it did, because…

“Misery Business” was released in 2007, when Curry was 19 and at Davidson. As the son of an NBA player, Curry has always been immersed in the jock culture. Maybe, squirreled away on his own in his dorm or apartment, he dabbled in what the other kids were listening to. Maybe he always yearned to hang out with the punks and emos and dye his hair green and put spikes everywhere on his person. Maybe it was just experimenting. When did Steph ever get to rebel, y’know?

But there’s something there because… Steph kind of rocks this? He certainly didn’t need a teleprompter for the words, and he sells it! And you’d better if you’re going to be on stage with Hayley Williams, one of the last true rock stars we have.

He certainly bangs this out better than most celebrities who get on stage with a band. I once saw Dennis Rodman join Stone Temple Pilots onstage during the Tiny Music tour while he was suspended for kicking a cameraman in the pills (that was a sentence to write). They had to turn his mic off, like, seven seconds into “Sex Type Thing.” That’s generally how it goes.

But yeah, Steph Curry: San Francisco’s biggest emo kid (not even close to true, but let’s pretend).

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