Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are the real losers of their feud

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are the real losers of their feud


I’m not going to blast Scottie Pippen for blasting Michael Jordan because, frankly, I’m over this bickering. Ever since The Last Dance, Pippen has come off like a jilted child, upset that his abusive father didn’t give him credit for his contributions. And Jordan has more or less kept alpha-dogging his peers well past his playing career to the point that Charles Oakley seems like his only friend left. How else can you explain Pippen’s latest comments?

Pippen said Jordan was a “horrible player” before he got to the Bulls because Jordan was “horrible to play with,” and all but credited his presence as the reason MJ started passing.

Scottie Pippen says Michael Jordan was a horrible player 😬

The former Robin to Jordan’s Batman doubled down in an Instagram post, cheersing history’s “unsung heroes” but specifically himself. Scottie even twisted the knife, reversing course on his view that Jordan is the GOAT. He hasn’t flipped fully to the LeBron James camp even though he propped up his previous take that LeBron will leave the game as the greatest statistical player ever.

No, he didn’t want to name a GOAT because basketball is a team game, and, oh my god, who gives a shit?

Try relationship counseling

It takes two to systematically erode a bond, and Jordan is as guilty of a party as Pippen. This is two high school has-beens talking about which guy was more responsible for the state championship title. It’s Keith Richards and Mick Jagger squabbling, only if the Rolling Stones stopped touring two decades ago.

It’s unbecoming, embarrassing, and juvenile, and made even more so with age. Jordan is desperately holding onto the glory days as evidenced through his jeans and ’90s jewelry, and Scottie shares a hair stylist with Shaedon Sharpe. A global pandemic was the main reason the MJ doc acted like a nuclear bomb on NBA Twitter, and is the 6 millionth reason why COVID and that time period of history should be wiped from our memories.

Seriously, how long are we going to keep doing this, guys? Are Pippen and MJ going to make Chicago hold two different Bulls championship team reunions like divorced parents celebrating their child’s birthday? I don’t know, but it definitely feels like they don’t want to be in a room with one another.

Pippen and Jordan need to stop trying to flip history in their favor because it’s already been written, and we have enough footage to give everyone their flowers. Both players were fucking great and eons ahead of the game. Unfortunately, the maturation process reversed course sometime in the past five years due to the pair’s unwillingness to move forward.

Their drives made them one of the fiercest duos in NBA history, but you’d think they’d know by now that not everything is a competition. 


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