‘Salt Bae’ can fuck right off

'Salt Bae' can fuck right off

Lionel Messi and Salt Bae

For some reason, Z-list “celebrity” chef “Salt Bae” was in Qatar for the World Cup, and he tried to get up close and personal with Lionel Messi and the rest of the Argentina squad after the final.

During the post-game celebration, “Salt Bae” — real name Nusret Gokce — approaches Messi from behind in an attempt to get the star forward’s attention.

Messi turns and nods at the owner of the overpriced Midtown Manhattan steakhouse Nusr-Et — but keeps getting grabbed by Gokce as he attempts to walk away.

Perhaps he thought they were boys after meeting him and serving him a big ole hunk of meat?

“Salt Bae” eventually snapped some pics with members of La Albiceleste, as well as some shots of him holding the World Cup trophy, that ended up on his Instagram. He even pretended to sprinkle salt on the damn thing. However, “Salt Bae” should have never been able to touch the trophy in the first place — and is rightly getting torched for it.

Argentina defeated defending champion France on penalty kicks after a 3-3 draw during regulation and extra time. “Salt Bae’s” home country of Turkey did not qualify for the World Cup. 

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