Report: Aaron Rodgers’ agent tried to get Packers GM fired

Report: Aaron Rodgers’ agent tried to get Packers GM fired


Florham Park, NJ May 31, 2023 — Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers on the last day of Jets OTA’s.
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The agent for Aaron Rodgers requested that the Green Bay Packers either fire their general manager or trade the quarterback in 2021, according to a report from The Athletic published Wednesday

Packers president Mark Murphy didn’t fire GM Brian Gutekunst and held on to Rodgers — for two more seasons anyway

Rodgers referred the publication to his agent, Dave Dunn, who didn’t return messages to confirm or deny that alleged 2021 request.

The meltdown between Rodgers and the organization began, as has been widely reported, with the Packers selecting Jordan Love with the No. 26 overall pick of the 2020 draft

The soap opera should have ended with the Packers trading Rodgers to the New York Jets last month for multiple draft picks

However, Rodgers continues to litigate the events of the past two years. He was quoted extensively in The Athletic piece, including whether he ghosted the Packers in the past few months, an assertion made by the Packers toward the end

“Did Brian text me more than I texted him? Yeah, but did I ghost him? No,” Rodgers said. “I texted him back. There was back-and-forths that we had and so this is the story you wanna go with? You’re gonna stand on this hill of austerity and say that arguably in the conversation of the best player in your franchise history, you’re gonna say I couldn’t get a hold of him and that’s why we had to move on?

“Like, c’mon man. Just tell the truth, you wanted to move on. You didn’t like the fact that we didn’t communicate all the time. Like, listen, I talk to the people that I like.”

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