Ranking every NFL player’s performance on Saturday Night Live

Ranking every NFL player's performance on Saturday Night Live

Travis Kelce announced on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he’ll be hosting SNL on March 4
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Among the many lovable characters the NFL has to offer, Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce has to be one of the least camera-shy. Love him or hate him, the man knows how to rile up audiences. Whether he’s making bogus claims about being an underdog, offering up awkward, yet charismatic charm on his very own dating show, or shooting the shit with his brother on their weekly podcast, Travis Kelce knows how to reel in anyone willing to pay attention, and that camera-friendly nature has landed him one of the most coveted celebrity opportunities, hosting Saturday Night Live.

As you can see from the video above, Kelce made the announcement during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Kelce said he grew up an enormous fan of some of the iconic cast members of the past including Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, and Jimmy Fallon — although that may have been lip service, since Fallon was sitting right next to him, Kelce also said that while he’s honored for this opportunity, he’s nervous.

Athletes don’t exactly have the best reputation on Saturday Night Live. Oftentimes, hosting performances are separated into two categories — normal hosts and athlete hosts. Of course, some athletes transcended those distinctions in their appearances, but that tends to be a rare occurrence. Kelce will be the 11th NFL player to host and the first-ever tight end. Here’s who came before him and how we rank their performances.

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