Patrick Mahomes isn’t gonna weigh in on brother Jackson’s legal troubles [Update]

Patrick Mahomes isn't gonna weigh in on brother Jackson's legal troubles [Update]


New details in the battery case against Jackson Mahomes emerged Monday, as a new court document was released, per KCTV. Police were originally called to an Overland Park (Kan.) restaurant in late February after a man told them Jackson Mahomes, the TikTok dancing social media influencer and younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, allegedly shoved his son who works at Aspens Restaurant, with the allegations becoming more serious when local police interviewed the restaurant’s owner that evening.

What the court document allegedly shows

According to the document, Mahomes told the restaurant’s owner he wanted to speak with her during the evening, so the two went into the restaurant’s office. After Mahomes closed the door to the office, he also allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pushed her head back, and kissed her three times, per the court document. The affidavit allegedly states the restaurant’s owner did not consent to any of the contact from Mahomes. The restaurant’s owner allegedly pushed Mahomes off of her at one point during the incident. The owner told investigators Mahomes told her not to tell anyone what occurred between the two, according to the court document.

After Mahomes left the restaurant, the owner told two employees about the interaction and showed them her neck, which allegedly had a visible bruise, the court doc states. Mahomes later returned to the restaurant, where he allegedly attempted to talk about the restaurant’s business and wouldn’t leave again until he gave her a hug. The owner’s boyfriend then allegedly kicked Mahomes and his friends out of the restaurant, with Mahomes angrily leaving. According to the court document, this was not the first time Mahomes had been kicked out of Aspens Restaurant.

The shove is allegedly the result of Mahomes trying to get a water bottle from the restaurant’s office. The restaurant’s employee allegedly opened the door to the office by entering a key code with Mahomes immediately shoving him out of the way once unlocked. Per the court document, investigators saw surveillance video of the alleged moment the tape showed Jackson Mahomes pushing the employee. Mahomes later allegedly tried to apologize to the employee.

Mahomes was scheduled to be in court Tuesday, ruling on modification to his bond where Mahomes would be allowed to contact witnesses in the case. Per KCTV, a date for a preliminary hearing would take place next week. Neither Mahomes’ attorney, nor the Johnson County (Kan.) District Attorney’s Office could comment on the case to KCTV. But Mahomes’ attorney Brandan Davies has previously refuted the claims.

His sister-in-law, Brittany Matthews took to Instagram on Monday to share some cryptic posts, which have since been deleted.

“As you get older you start to understand the difference between friends and associates, family and blood, business and work, love and lust, want and need. And most of all what’s important and what’s not,” one read.

Update: Patrick Mahomes broke his silence regarding his brother’s legal troubles, but didn’t say much.

“It’s kind of a personal thing that I’m going to keep to myself,” the Super Bowl LVII MVP said. Mahomes said he plans to keep his brother’s ongoing drama separate from what happens on the gridiron.


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