‘Missing’ former NFL player Sergio Brown is posting bizarre videos from Mexico following his mother’s murder

‘Missing’ former NFL player Sergio Brown is posting bizarre videos from Mexico following his mother’s murder

At least one part of the mystery surrounding former Patriot and journeyman safety Sergio Brown is solved. It appears Brown is safe and sound in Mexico City, following a since-deleted Instagram post that tagged his location and several more this morning that appear to mock law enforcement’s attempts to locate him.

Both Brown and his 73-year old mother, Myrtle, were reported missing by concerned family members on Saturday September 16. On Sunday, Myrtle’s body was found beside a creek behind her home in Maywood. Her death has been ruled a homicide. Her son, however, was still missing — leading friends and family to fear the worst.

According to online gossip site The Neighborhood Talk, Brown posted a video to Instagram on Monday, then quickly deleted the video, potentially because he realized it revealed his location, which (according to Instagram) appeared to be Mexico City, Mexico. It also appears that a similar video, without the location tag, then showed up on another one of Brown’s IG accounts.

In the video, Brown accuses the FBI and Maywood Police of going into his home, saying the Maywood PD kidnapped him twice. He calls the report of his mother’s death “fake news,” repeatedly, then claims, “It had to be the FBI or the Maywood Police. I thought my fu*king mama was on vacation in Sinaloa. That’s fu*king fake news, get the fu*k out my godd*mn of my face.” Brown goes on to say, “She’s retired… the FBI had to do it, they have the power to do shit like that. What the fuck is going on? That’s fake news. Don’t come fu*cking with me.”

Brown’s brother, Nick, posted a tribute to his mother on Instagram on Sunday, saying, in part, “My brother Sergio is still missing. If anyone knows where he is, I want him to know that I love you and please come home.”

This morning, it appears Brown has been active on Instagram again. Posting from an account with the handle @intplayerwithapassport and the name “Brown Passport,” Brown (or someone posing as him) posted the following video to Instagram stories, claiming he knows where Dory (from finding Nemo) is, laughing and seemingly mocking those who are concerned for his well-being:

Maywood Police provided Deadspin the following statement:

Maywood Police Department detectives are aware of a video that has surfaced on social media in relation to Mr. Sergio Brown, who is still considered a missing person and are also looking its’[sic] authenticity.

Currently this is an active investigation, and the department is unable to share any further details at this time. We appreciate your patience while our agency continues to investigate the matter. If more information becomes available regarding the case we will update the original press release and send it to you.

(This is a developing story and we will update it as soon as more information is available.)

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