It didn’t take long for Davante Adams to change his tune about the Raiders

It didn't take long for Davante Adams to change his tune about the Raiders

Davante Adams isn’t happy in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is already fed up with the team. We won’t blame him for that because he isn’t the first and won’t be the last. He should be blamed for wanting to go there in the first place. Adams wanted to be traded to Vegas because he was unsure of Aaron Rodgers’ future with Green Bay and so he could reunite with his college friend and quarterback Derek Carr.

After one season, the party was over as Carr was sent packing by the Raiders, leaving Adams alone in this dysfunctional organization. So, Adams opted to leave one franchise in large part due to uncertainty over QB status with the team. Then, after one year, his hand-picked QB to play with is shown the door by his new squad.

Now, it sounds like Adams is regretting the move more and more each week. While the Raiders aren’t the worst team in the NFL, they are far from one of the best. As bad as they’ve been, Adams still caught 100 passes last season for 1,516 yards and 14 touchdowns. Through three games this year, Adams already has 25 receptions, 322 yards, and three TDs. Unfortunately, those statistics have only helped produce one win thus far. And some would say the Raiders were lucky to beat the Broncos in Week 1, 17-16.

Adams says he doesn’t have time to wait around, which is true as he quickly approaches age 31. So, he’s correct. Time is of the essence for receivers (players in general) over the age of 30. But he requested to join this franchise, albeit under different circumstances. Players get released/traded constantly, and the rumors of the Raiders possibly moving on from Carr had been out there. He took a leap of faith to get out of one potentially less-than-ideal situation to jump right into another.

Of course, the Raiders could trade Adams but are not obligated to do so. He’s locked in his current deal through the 2026-27 campaign. There’s a potential out in ‘25, but that comes with penalties for the organization. Unless a team decides to bail him out, Adams is likely stuck playing in Las Vegas for a while. 

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