I think Tom Brady orchestrated his own intervention yesterday

I think Tom Brady orchestrated his own intervention yesterday

Looks like it’s over.

Looks like it’s over.
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You have to hand it to Tom Brady, who is having the best sad season after having the most glittery career in league history. It was one thing when his divorce was playing out in front of all, as he grouped together scud after scud that landed five yards in front of his receiver.

It’s another to head back home to Northern California, have 100 family members and friends in the stands as your team gets utterly stomped by the last pick in the draft, the Niners’ third-string QB, as once again you show the world that your arm has become a flaccid extremity that only produces brief glimpses of the life before. Mostly it just barely slings out dust of failure and sadness.

Perhaps Brady just needed to show those closest to him just how bad it’s gotten. This way they’ll understand completely. And if a 35-7 beatdown doesn’t do that. I don’t know what will. We’ve been there, when you try and tell close friends or family things aren’t going your way at the moment and they try to assure you things aren’t as bad as they seem. But you don’t want to be cheered up, you just want someone to listen and let you wallow, however briefly. So you tell them about the mouse that has set up a Vegas revue behind your stove or how your car billows lice or the like. And then they acquiesce. That had to be what Brady’s full display of the worst Emo song ever was. Not so much a cry for help so much as a display of defiance and proof.

Otherwise, if Brady was really trying and this is the best he can produce, it’s much worse than we thought.

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