Fictional Hooper Bracket: Western U. Region – Round 2

Fictional Hooper Bracket: Western U. Region - Round 2

1) Monica Wright McCall (Love & Basketball) vs 8) Mark Cooper (Hangin With Mr. Cooper)

Once Quincy gave up the bullshit, he probably turned out a lot like Mr. Cooper, AKA a solid dude who is very caring and great with kids. I don’t know about the comedic timing part of it, but Monica seemed very happy by the end of Love & Basketball. She was the alpha in that relationship, and the better basketball player, which was on display again as her man Q was upset by Clarence Withers in the Venice Region.

Mr. Cooper probably could’ve spent a season or two on the bench for a couple NBA teams, but his destiny was helping his roommates, eventually getting engaged to one, and teaching children the benefits of physical fitness. (At the time, it was entirely believable that Coop would get a tryout with the Warriors. Oh, how the lowly has risen.) The show took a family turn in the middle seasons, before eventually getting canceled prior to Mr. Cooper getting his (wedding) ring.

Monica got her ring and her man and her career and a child. She was uncompromising, and definitely not a token NBA wife. Her love of hoops can’t be rivaled by anyone in this entire tournament save for maybe Billy Hoyle. It’ll be hard to find someone in the opening rounds who can even hang with her, and Mr. Cooper is probably getting canceled (not that canceled) for a second time.

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