Fictional Hooper Bracket: The Round of 16

Fictional Hooper Bracket: The Round of 16

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Bugs is the best bunny left in our Sweet 16

Welcome to Week 2. Thanks for pumping up those voting numbers. The more you all vote, the more I can accept when one of my favorites from the bracket gets voted out — once again Cochise, gone too soon.

Voting for the Sweet 16 is now underway, we’ll see if some people finally meet their match. One of the matchups the selection committee was hoping for when arranging these brackets has come to fruition, because the beauty of dealing with fictional characters is we don’t have to consider integrity. Our goal was for this to be as entertaining as possible, and have the public vote on the matchups that we decided were best. This committee is not beholden to conference-championship tournament money grabs. We placed who we wanted where we wanted, and it worked out splendidly, for the most part. Ask Steve Urkel, Air Bud or Sandy Lyle.

We got one of our favorite potential matchups in the whole bracket in this round — the battle of former Blue Chips and Orlando Magic teammates — but also Bugs Bunny is in the Sweet 16. Who knew he was still this popular in 2022, he was in World War II cartoons. Young Michael J. Fox is going to have his hands full with a basketball movie legend (Cue Jesus Shuttlesworth’s mom yelling, “Jesus!”), and so is the No. 1 seed in the Rucker region.

Uncle Drew hasn’t gone up against a true formidable foe yet, but he might meet his match in Tommy “Shep” Sheppard in the Sweet 16. Uncle Drew can work all the “youngbloods” he wants, but he’s about to see an NYC ball player that doesn’t even need basketball shorts to go to work.

Be sure to vote here for all the regionals, and look for them @Deadspin on Twitter. We want your complaints, but only if you participate. We would never tell you, “don’t boo, vote.” But we will say, vote or you’re only complaining to your Twitter app.

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