Fictional Hooper Bracket: Hickory Region – Round 2

Fictional Hooper Bracket: Hickory Region - Round 2

The average first-round game received between 300-400 votes, with a few outliers reaching the 600-700 range. The total for the Lola Bunny-Nathan Scott duel was 1,378 votes. That means Lola, who finished with 83 percent of the vote, garnered around 1,100 votes by herself, which is insane. (Also not to be overlooked, One Tree Hill’s Scott came in at about 220 votes, which would’ve been enough to win a few other first-round games.)

Jimmy Chitwood can play a perfect game like he did in the finale of Hoosiers, but if Gene Hackman goes to measure the court in Tuneland, he may find that tactic futile. That said, this is the Hickory Region so technically Chitwood is playing on his homecourt. Caveat to that, these aren’t real games, they’re just Twitter polls, so you get to determine the criteria when you vote.

Depending on who you ask — in this case, 18- to 40-year-olds because they account for 62 percent of Twitter users — each of these movies could be your favorite basketball movie. If this plays out like the first round did, this could be one of the more popular games of the second round… and Lola Bunny will cross Chitwood into oblivion.

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