Ever wonder what the worst team of NFL starters would look like? Here it is

Ever wonder what the worst team of NFL starters would look like? Here it is

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On an individual level, NFL Top 100 Player Lists are what get people excited. We get it. Patrick Mahomes is number one and the most competitive race is the scrum for number two. However, half of NFL fandom is groaning about the weak links on each unit. There’s enough glowing coverage of the NFL out there to make you forget that half of the league is stocked with expendable talents and many of them are just fighting to remain on the field.

There’s just as much pressure to perform on the even the most inadequate starters on each roster. The NFL’s worst players are worthy of just as much ignominious recognition as their distinguished counterparts. After surviving roster cuts last week, it’s time to give them their due.

The best way to do so is with an All-Pro team that makes their position coaches’ eyes bleed. As my last preseason exercise, I composed the worst roster by plumbing the depths of the worst fringe starters from around the league. The objective is to assemble a Frankenstein’s monstrosity so abominable they’d be able to draft Caleb Williams No. 1 whether he enters the draft in 2024 or 2025.

These 22 players are nightmare fuel for the football soul.

(New GM Dave Gettleman cackles, pulls lever, watches the shoddy wiring catch fire.)

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