Draymond Green should have his own Manningcast show during non-Warriors NBA games

Draymond Green should have his own Manningcast show during non-Warriors NBA games

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is a world-renowned talker. Whether he’s talking smack, trash, or just bumping his gums because he has them, it’s rare to not hear something he’s said somewhere floating around the internet. We’ve heard from Green year-round since starting his podcast, The Draymond Green Show. Maybe we can get a Dray-cast where he does commentary for basketball games when he’s not playing.

Something similar to what the Manning brothers have done the past couple of seasons during Monday Night Football. Of course, Green probably couldn’t do it during the regular season in the NBA while he’s still an active player, but maybe he could start by calling summer league games. His podcast already gets a ton of attention, and Turner Sports is always looking for more content, so why not throw Draymond out there and let him crack jokes during summer league as a test run?

Draymond has carved out a niche off the court

The way players troll each other on social media these days, why not bring that energy to live television and let Green loose on another platform? He already does stuff during the All-Star break and other times if he’s not playing. He’s already carved out his niche in “new media,” so calling games could be the next step.

In all seriousness, Green already gives outstanding analysis and can break down the game at every level. He’s one of the brightest minds in basketball among active players, and he’s “best friends,” with LeBron James. He’s also a Klutch Sports client. Imagine Green and James doing a special Dray-cast in a couple of years once in retirement. This could happen much sooner than people realize with James’ recent revelation about retirement following the Nuggets’ sweep of the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. FYI…LeBron isn’t retiring. It’s Hollywood; he’s an actor. Don’t fall for the okie doke.

Hopefully, this Dray-cast idea catches on. Green has a lot to say, and it would be brilliant of Turner Sports to put him on live TV and let him go off. Now that’s entertainment. 

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