Devin Booker is having a spectacular season for Phoenix but where’s the MVP love?

Devin Booker is having a spectacular season for Phoenix but where’s the MVP love?

Where’s the love for Devin Booker?

Where’s the love for Devin Booker?
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We often hear about consistency in sports, yet it feels like it’s rarely rewarded without the proper narrative or flair behind it. That’s the case for Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker. All Booker does is step on the court and average 26 points per game like clockwork for the best team in the NBA. He’s really stepped up his game since Chris Paul’s been out.

The Suns are the best in terms of record, and it isn’t even close as they have a nine-game lead on the Memphis Grizzlies, who own the second-best record in the NBA. They will be the only team to win 60 games this season and by a wide margin. They’ve been dominant, and much of that thanks to Booker. Paul has been instrumental in the growth of this team, but without Book, they’d be fighting for playoff position with Utah, Dallas, and Denver.

Booker is a baller, and we’ve known this for a while, but it still feels like he’s not getting the national attention he deserves. He scored 28 points in a come-from-behind win over Minnesota Wednesday night, and became the fourth-youngest player to score 11,000 career points. And today is the anniversary of his 70-point game against the Celtics in 2017. Only six players have ever dropped 70 or more in an NBA game. Book was the youngest to accomplish that at just 20 years old.

But like his team, there isn’t much flash to Booker. He has a slight edge to him, as was displayed during last night’s victory over the T-Wolves, where he shut down a detractor while moving the ball across half-court and never lost focus. It was all one fluid motion as he dribbled the ball through his legs, yelled an expletive, and kept it moving. I’m not saying we need that all the time, but Booker isn’t usually a barker. He lets his play speak for him then bites opponents in the ass. Book isn’t one to pump himself up publicly or speak on his accomplishments.

We’re talking about the best player on the only dominant team all season, and he’s received zero mention in the MVP discussion. Sure, he’s benefited greatly from playing with Paul, but this team isn’t close to being in their current position if they had just another average shooting guard in place of Booker. Because CP3 is a future Hall of Famer, that will hurt Booker’s chances at the award. But for Booker’s name to go unmentioned is ridiculous. Until recently, DeMar DeRozan was a serious MVP candidate throughout most of the season.

Booker’s only been the most dangerous weapon on the league’s most consistent team during the 2021-22 campaign. Even with that, he’s still overlooked and undervalued in the eyes of many. And those eyes I’m referring to are those of the individuals voting for MVP. Let’s get Booker in the discussion, at least. Even Ty Lawson received MVP love one year, for Christ’s sake. Come on voters, it’s time to wake up.

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