Deshaun Watson is back — don’t let a loaded NFL schedule tell you otherwise

Deshaun Watson is back — don’t let a loaded NFL schedule tell you otherwise


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This week’s NFL slate is so loaded that it’ll be easy to overlook the biggest story of Week 13 if you try — and the Shield is definitely trying to talk about anything other than the return of Deshaun Watson. The most coverage Watson has received, outside of Cleveland, for coming back from a nearly two-year hiatus over a flood of sexual misconduct accusations is the news that some of the women from the 26 civil suits against the former Texans quarterback will be in a luxury box at the game in Houston on Sunday.

Most of the cases have been settled, and Watson denies any wrongdoing.

Safe to say, we won’t be getting any cutaway shots of Tony Buzbee’s suite as there are zero mentions of the end of that scumbag’s suspension on ESPN picked up the story about the accusers being in attendance at NRG Stadium, and it stayed on the ticker and NFL landing page for less than a 24-hour news cycle.

The only outlet that’s really covering this story is the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and they’re trying as hard as possible to make piece of shit Browns fans not feel like pieces of shit for embracing… a piece of shit.

The publication was able to get an “exclusive” interview with Watson’s private QB coach Quincy Avery, who gave a behind-the-scenes look at the quarterback’s 11-game suspension. When you can put a widely searched acronym on Pornhub in the headline of a story about a guy most readily associated with allegedly flailing his dick at massage therapists, you have to. Next up, Watson gives a POV look at his private workouts.

The subheads in the story read like Watson was sat down for violating some frivolous rule and not (allegedly) dozens of women.

We’ve got “Avery knows Watson as well as anyone,” “Avery trains Watson in Cleveland during his suspension,” “The QBs stay connected,” “Stefanski’s scheme is ideal for Watson,” and “More ready than ever.”

If you’re wondering what misogynistic assclown wrote that, it was Mary Kay Cabot. Unfortunately, that’s how local sports media works. Who knows if Cabot is smiling through these puff pieces because she has to, but hopefully that is what’s going on. People have so many questions about Watson, and none of them revolve around how he fits into Kevin Stefanski’s offense.

Dismissed or not, a scandal involving a lawsuit featuring dozens of accusations of Watson preying on women would’ve cost any NFL player other than a franchise quarterback their career. Cabot could ask a teammate whether they’d receive not only a second chance but one of the biggest deals in the history of the league if it was them sliding in the DMs of 66 massage therapists.

Watson returning to the field in the city where most of these allegations surfaced is as tone-deaf as the NFL gets. If you thought the decision was some kind of shrewd business move to drum up headlines, you clearly haven’t been following Roger Goodell’s career. It’s another glaring oversight on a trash heap of them.

The league is desperately trying to avoid Watson’s return becoming a big story. Yet, they don’t have to. The machine takes care of that by itself. Titans-Eagles, Chiefs-Bengals, Dolphins-49ers, and a bunch of consequential division matchups will be more than enough to distract football fans away from the absolute mockery going on in Houston between Christmas commercials.

I just want to remind you that Watson would be in a different kind of orange uniform if he was some pervert off the street. He might be redeemable at some point in his life, but that’s a long way off and it certainly is not now.

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