Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson wants another NFL team in the metroplex… Jerry Jones does not

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson wants another NFL team in the metroplex... Jerry Jones does not

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson

Apparently, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is ready for a battle with one Jerry Jones. In response to a Tweet posted by the NFL on CBS, posing the question of which city deserves the next NFL expansion team, Johnson promptly answered Dallas.

“The answer is Dallas,” Johnson tweeted. “Why? We are about to pass the Chicago metro and become the #3 metro in the US, which would make us the largest US metro WITHOUT 2 teams. Football is king here. Dallas needs an expansion team, and we would be able to sustain 2 NFL teams better than LA or NY.”

I’m not saying Johnson doesn’t have some valid reasons to back up his claim, but this would be a huge uphill battle. There isn’t any doubt that the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area could support a second NFL team. However, if this gains any traction, Jones will be all over Johnson’s ass attempting to shut this down.

As the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jones is making money hand over fist times ten. Jones would fight the league to the death over this. There’s no way in hell Jones is willingly going to step aside and share the Dallas market. Jerry made his feelings well known years ago when the NFL flirted with placing a team in San Antonio. Jones wasn’t going for that nonsense then, and he surely wouldn’t go for it now.

Let’s be honest, Jones would have a huge issue with a team moving in anywhere within a radius of about 250 miles of his Cowboys. While it is an ambitious thought by Johnson and having another NFL team would certainly help the local economy, it won’t happen while Jerry is around. Johnson is a Dallas area native and was elected as the city’s 60th Mayor in June 2019. If this talk of a second NFL team in Dallas gains any traction, Jones may end up running the mayor out of town.

Say what you want about the Cowboys and their fan base, and many things are said about them constantly, but they are a loyal bunch. I don’t think it would be that easy to simply insert another team into the market and expect people to accept the new franchise immediately. I know plenty of Cowboys fans, and it would take time to build a new fan base on the other side of the city.

Even with the Cowboys playing in Arlington and not actually in Dallas, building a substantial following for a new organization might take a generation or two. Jones also has other business ventures in the area. So, in his mind, the entire metro area is his territory. I just don’t see him sharing that with another NFL organization that would probably cut into his Cowboys’ profits considerably.

Another storyline that could potentially tie into this is the bubbling resentment between Jones and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In a recent interview, former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter claimed he was approached by Jones and Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder about getting Goodell fired. So, this is something else to keep an eye on as attempting to add another team in Dallas could be seen as Goodell getting back at Jones.

This entire scenario is intriguing and could produce some fireworks in North Texas should anything ever come of it. 

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