Cupcakes aren’t just reserved for American football

Cupcakes aren't just reserved for American football


An easy day at the office for Alexander Nübel
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We see it in American sports every year. Usually in the first few college football games of the season, powerhouses take on an FCS team to inspire confidence and have the entire roster see the field and get in-game experience. Oddly enough, that matchup for Alabama takes place as the penultimate game of the season against Chattanooga in between facing Kentucky and taking part in the Iron Bowl against Auburn. Clemson plays Charleston Southern five days after its season opener against Duke. FCS teams would be the equivalent of third-division teams in professional soccer, with the drop down to the Group of Five representing the middle of those two tiers.

So as one of the best teams on the entire planet, Bayern Munich, played ninth-division German team FC Rottach-Egern, a demolition ensued and somehow, it looked like FC Rottach-Egern were enjoying getting paddled in the ass? It was 18-0 at halftime as Bayern played many of its first-team starters who have traveled the globe playing soccer. Then Marcel Sabitzer scored the first five goals of the second half. Sabitzer only tied for the team lead in goals in the contest with Jamal Musiala, who scored five first-half goals.

Bayern Score 27 Goals! | Rottach Egern vs. FC Bayern München 0-27 | Highlights

FC Rottach-Egern have a stadium with 1,000 seats for fans at a maximum and are based about an hour south of Munich and about 10 miles north of the Austrian border. And it’s nice of them to have a little bit of time in the spotlight. Bayern does have preseason matches coming up against Manchester City and Liverpool, which should prepare them for the season better than this beginner difficulty FIFA spectacle. But hey, four touchdowns and three extra points in one soccer game is more than enough fun. 


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