Colin Kaepernick’s still got it in his workout videos, but your favorite team will probably sign a sorry white quarterback instead

Colin Kaepernick’s still got it in his workout videos, but your favorite team will probably sign a sorry white quarterback instead

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick
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It’s been more than five years since Colin Kaepernick has thrown a pass in an NFL game, but it doesn’t mean that he’s done throwing to NFL receivers.

Recently, the former 49ers quarterback has been releasing workout videos on social media showing the league that he’s still working on his craft despite being blackballed since the conclusion of the 2016 season. And when Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett showed up to work out with Kaepernick, it was just the next step in legitimizing how much game he has left.

“Yessir!! That man Kap is ready!!” Lockett tweeted. As ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that a source told him that Kaepernick is “in the best shape of his life,” and that “he would be a great fit for teams with QB vacancies to fill who want to win a Super Bowl.”

But despite what we’ve recently seen and have always known, the chances of Kaepernick being signed are nearly impossible at this point, but it’s not due to a lack of desire or skill. It’s because the haters and “gatekeepers” don’t want him there, and that NFL teams prefer to fill their rosters with sorry white backup quarterbacks.

Mike Florio recently wrote that “The door is closed for Colin Kaepernick,” while Marcellus Wiley tweeted, “You got a better chance of stopping racism than playing again,” in reply to Kaepernick’s workout video from last week. It’s as if the Rainbow Coalition’s annual offseason hater convention has commenced. But, no matter what your opinion of Kaepernick is and the chance he has at returning to the NFL, the caveat is “that crowd” always finds a way to remain quiet about sorry white quarterbacks that manage to stick around the NFL for years. Funny how Wiley and Florio didn’t have the same energy for the following guys:

• Chase Daniel has signed on to backup Justin Herbert with the Chargers. He’s been in the league since 2010 and has only thrown the ball 261 times.

• Mitch Trubisky is now a Pittsburgh Steeler. We already know how much he sucks.

• Brian Hoyer has a new deal that will keep him the backup in New England. The last time he started was in 2020 when Cam Newton was out with COVID-19. Hoyer was 15-for-24 for a measly 130 yards and one interception. He got benched in the second half for a rookie, as he’s lost the last 11 games he’s started.

• Jeff Driskel is back with the Texans. He’s so sorry they moved him to tight end last season.

• The Lions have re-signed Tim Boyle. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of the quarterback that’s entering his fifth season and has yet to throw for 600 yards.

• Colt McCoy will be back in Arizona this season. He’s older than Kaepernick.

The questions about Colin Kaepernick and his playing career could easily be answered if just one franchise gave him a chance to fail, providing his naysayers with confirmation. But, they won’t because that’s not a gamble the NFL or any of its teams are willing to take. And that’s cowardice at best, and proof of collusion at worst. 

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