Chasing the Bengals’ path to glory

Chasing the Bengals' path to glory

Pick No. 6 — Carolina Panthers

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The final three teams on this list were the NFC Champions from 2014-16. It’s odd to see Carolina, with one of the NFL’s best players, Christian McCaffrey, drafting so high. With his injury struggles, a lackluster defense compared to previous years and a fledgling quarterback situation, the Panthers have a prime selection.

Bringing back former defensive coordinator Steve Wilks back into the fold as an assistant coach, amid joining Brian Flores’ NFL lawsuit, is a smart move to revamp a once dominant unit. The Panthers could easily choose a quarterback here, or try to settle on Sam Darnold and grab the best offensive lineman on the board to help protect him. Picking up a wide receiver here could be ideal as well.

Minimum years away from Super Bowl: 4

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