Bucks-Celtics blowout gets so bad TNT briefly cuts away, somehow wasn’t worst blowout of the night

Bucks-Celtics blowout gets so bad TNT briefly cuts away, somehow wasn't worst blowout of the night

Parity took a backseat in the NBA on Thursday night, starting with the highly anticipated matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks. What was supposed to be a clash between the top two teams in the Eastern Conference turned into a one-sided affair, with the Bucks dominating from the start. The Celtics, with all five starters on the floor, couldn’t find their rhythm, resulting in a 135-102 victory for the Bucks. The game was so lopsided that even the national broadcaster, TNT, briefly abandoned coverage in search of a more competitive matchup.

The Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Portland Trail Blazers in another game that defied expectations. The Thunder secured a jaw-dropping 139-77 victory, coming close to breaking the NBA’s all-time record for margin of victory. The New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks also contributed to the night’s theme of unpredictability. The Mavericks, missing star player Luka Doncic, initially built a comfortable lead but had to fend off a spirited Knicks comeback. Kyrie Irving’s 44-point performance helped the Mavericks secure a 128-124 win.

The Brooklyn Nets faced the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the Cavs leading by 20 points at halftime and ultimately claiming a 111-102 victory. Donovan Mitchell’s 45-point effort played a crucial role in the outcome. The Phoenix Suns closed the night with a resounding 127-109 win over the struggling Los Angeles Lakers, adding to the Lakers’ recent challenges. The combined margins of victory in the five games totaled 126 points, emphasizing the lack of competitiveness on the night.

In a surprising turn of events, even college basketball experienced a mismatch as UCLA suffered a crushing 90-44 defeat against Utah. The night unfolded as a series of blowouts, prompting jests and calls for accountability on social media. Overall, Thursday night proved to be a challenging one for diehard basketball fans, as unexpected dominance prevailed across the NBA and beyond.