Best fit for Lamar Jackson now that he requested a trade

Is Lamar Jackson's mom contacting NFL teams on his behalf?

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He’s a heady pocket-passer with good arm talent and is behind one of the best offensive lines in the league, but his mobility and ability to handle pressure in the pocket have always been scrutinized and he’s not what you would call the most creative quarterback. He’ll struggle to make a play when the play goes off-script, but within a system he’s great.

Sentimental Lions fans might not like it, but there’s a real lack of a ceiling with Goff compared to Jackson. With Goff under center, the Lions are likely a top-five or six team in the NFC. That’s great and something the Lions haven’t been used to recently, but the vision could be so much more with Jackson. With him at quarterback, there’s a real chance they are one of the best teams in the NFL, period. The Lions are legitimate contenders in the NFC with Jackson.

As with every trade here, any potential deal is going to cost the Lions upwards of two first-round picks. They’ll probably do everything they can to make sure they hold on to one of their picks (most likely No. 18) in 2023, but if push comes to shove and only two 2023 first-round picks will do? It wouldn’t be a shock to see the Lions pull the trigger.

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