5 magical moments for Tiger at the Masters

5 magical moments for Tiger at the Masters

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Following years of ostracization, family issues, severe health problems, substance abuse, countless surgeries, and a decade without a major win, Tiger had the whole world cheering for him as he beat all the odds to win the 2019 Masters. It was, for all intents and purposes, a resurrection.

With several major contenders heading into Sunday, the 12th hole proved to be the deciding factor, as well as a testament to Tiger’s experience on the course. As player after player found water, and competitors racked up nine double bogeys on that hole alone, Tiger made par. Going into the 15th hole, there were still five golfers tied for the lead, but Woods was able to pull away on the final three holes.

Perhaps the most significant moment of this one was the emotional aftermath — Woods, celebrating with the crowd all these years later, running up to his son to embrace him in a mirror image of Woods’ embrace with his father, who died in 2006, at his first Masters win in 1997.

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