You won’t believe where the shower stands in this $3,495/month NYC home: ‘Is this the worst layout you’ve ever seen?’

You won’t believe where the shower stands in this $3,495/month NYC home Is this the worst layout you’ve ever see

A compact yet exorbitantly priced studio apartment in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood has captured online attention due to its peculiar layout, featuring a cramped and seemingly incomplete shower situated directly adjacent to the miniature kitchen area. The lack of a door or curtain means stepping out of the shower places residents squarely in front of the refrigerator, offering a rather unconventional transition from bathing to snacking.

Located on Elizabeth Street and listed for $3,495, the unit sparked widespread ridicule on Instagram, courtesy of the David Okocha’s @ocr_realty account, which boasts around 55,000 followers. The accompanying video showcased the apartment’s peculiarities, prompting incredulous reactions with its caption questioning if it was the “worst layout” ever witnessed.

The shower, a focal point of ridicule, stands only steps away from the front door and is enclosed solely by glass brick, providing minimal privacy. Additionally, one wall of the shower is visibly comprised of incomplete and soiled tiles, further exacerbating its unappealing appearance. Okocha highlighted the nearby toilet room’s lack of amenities, stating there’s no mirror, sink, or lights.

Moving beyond the kitchen, the video reveals the studio space, which appears adequate for a bed and includes a closet for storage. However, the kitchen itself also raises eyebrows with its unconventional design, featuring a stove facing the living area and a simple countertop wedged between the stove and fridge.

Okocha expressed his astonishment at the apartment’s layout, deeming it impractical for daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, or showering due to its cramped nature. He emphasized the challenges of hosting guests in such limited space.

Instagram users echoed Okocha’s sentiments, with one commenting that the apartment’s layout should be deemed illegal. Others speculated on the landlord’s motivations behind such an exorbitant price for what they described as a subpar living space.

Despite the criticisms, the StreetEasy listing history indicates that the apartment previously rented for approximately $2,100 per month in 2020. While the listing highlights desirable features such as high ceilings and exposed brick, the unusual layout and high rent have sparked widespread debate.

Agent Claire Kane of Real New York, one of the listing’s representatives, did not respond to requests for comment. However, despite its eccentricities, Okocha believes the apartment will attract tenants, particularly given its prime location in the Soho area.