SantaCon’s supposed charity funds going to Burning Man, cryptocurrency: report

SantaCon’s supposed charity funds going to Burning Man, cryptocurrency: report

A recent report reveals that SantaCon, the annual bar crawl drawing a crowd of tipsy Kris Kringles to New York City, has fallen short in delivering substantial proceeds to charitable causes despite its claims of being a “charitable, non-commercial” event.

Despite its tax-exempt status, the organization behind SantaCon, Participatory Safety, Inc., reportedly directed only a fraction of the $1.4 million raised between 2014 and 2022 to registered charities. Instead, a significant portion went towards financing Burning Man festivities and cryptocurrency ventures, as per Gothamist’s investigation into tax documents.

Surprisingly, a substantial share of the funds—more than a third—was allocated to groups promoting activities like hula hooping, dance parades, and free costumes at the annual Burning Man art festival in Nevada. This diversion contradicted SantaCon’s pledge to distribute proceeds among specific charities listed on its website, leading to discrepancies in their purported charitable contributions.

While SantaCon’s website proudly declares raising over $1.1 million for charitable causes, the reported financial breakdown indicates that a staggering $832,000, accounting for 59% of the group’s proceeds, was channeled into operational expenses over eight years until 2022. Moreover, the organization purportedly incurred losses, including a reported loss of $17,498 from crypto investments in 2018.

Spectaculum Productions, LLC, a for-profit entity creating a documentary film titled “At Your Cervix,” received a significant sum—$66,340— from SantaCon’s funds. This transaction raised questions regarding the intended charitable disbursements versus their actual allocations.

Regarding these financial allocations, experts and analysts expressed concerns about the lack of transparency and the substantial spending on non-charitable activities. Participatory Safety’s spending on event logistics, infrastructure, and affiliations with Burning Man projects drew criticism, raising doubts about its alignment with charitable objectives.

Amidst these revelations, scrutiny intensified over SantaCon’s claimed charitable endeavors, prompting skepticism about its actual charitable impact versus the perception it projects. The organization’s collaborations, fundraising activities, and financial allocations remain under scrutiny, raising questions about its commitment to genuine philanthropy.