New York state father reportedly works scene of hit-and-run not knowing his son was killed

New York state father reportedly works scene of hit-and-run not knowing his son was killed

In Binghamton, New York, a tragic incident unfolded on February 17, as Tyler Beschorner, 29, became the victim of a fatal hit-and-run crash on Route 363. The devastating twist in this narrative emerged when Tyler’s father, Cory Beschorner, a member of the New York State Department of Transportation, was called to work at the scene of the accident, completely unaware that his own son was involved in the tragic collision, as reported by WBNG.

Cory Beschorner recounted the heart-wrenching moment when he realized the grim reality: “This is one of our worst nightmares,” he expressed, reflecting on the surreal experience of setting up for the accident scene, not realizing that his family’s life was about to be shattered. “When we were setting up we were saying somebody’s world is going to be turned upside down tonight. I didn’t know it was mine or my family’s.”

Amidst the grief and shock, the Binghampton Police Department continues its investigation into Tyler Beschorner’s untimely death. Captain Cory Minor emphasized the importance of community cooperation, urging anyone with information to step forward, emphasizing the potential significance of even seemingly minor details: “Community members should be mindful that they may have heard something. They may have heard someone talking about this not realizing what they heard and the importance of it,” Minor stated.

For Tyler Beschorner’s family, the pain is compounded by the desperate need for answers and closure. Shanay Beschorner, Tyler’s mother, expressed her struggle to cope with the loss while also trying to support her grandson, Jayden, who is grappling with the profound absence of his father. “He’s just struggling. He keeps saying he’s all alone. He goes, ‘It’s just me.’ And I said, ‘No. You have all of us,’” Shanay shared, highlighting the emotional toll on the family, particularly the young son left behind.

In the face of this tragedy, a GoFundMe page has been set up by a family friend to aid in covering funeral expenses and establishing a trust for Tyler’s son, Jayden. The page paints a poignant picture of Tyler as a beloved individual cherished by many, with a deep devotion to his family, especially his young son: “Tyler was 29 years old with his whole life still ahead of him. Jayden Beschorner, his son, was the center of his world and Tyler was the center of his.” It resonates with the sentiment that Tyler’s presence illuminated the lives of those around him, leaving a profound impact that will be sorely missed.