Cartoonist jumps from tony NYC building despite girlfriend’s desperate attempts to save him: ‘He slipped away’

Cartoonist jumps from tony NYC building despite girlfriend’s desperate attempts to save him: ‘He slipped away’

A tragic incident unfolded at a Chelsea co-op on Tuesday when a cartoonist, identified as Jon Medwick, fell to his death from the 15th floor of the building. Despite his girlfriend’s desperate attempts to intervene, Medwick succumbed to the fall, leaving behind a scene of shock and grief, according to witnesses and police.

Medwick, aged 62, was not only known for his artistic talents but also held a day job at WebMD, as revealed by police sources and witnesses. His girlfriend, aged 45, reportedly discovered him standing at the window and tried to prevent the tragic outcome by grabbing him, but her efforts were in vain.

Emergency services responded to a 911 call around 5:45 a.m. at the renovated pre-war building on West 23rd St. Witnesses recalled seeing the coroner, body bag, and ambulance, signaling the severity of the situation. Medwick’s apartment, situated at the back of the building, was the site of the fatal plunge.

Described as a “very nice” and “sociable” individual, Medwick had been a resident of the building for over a decade and even served on its co-op board. His one-bedroom apartment was situated in a building where properties ranged from $540,000 to $1.45 million.

Medwick’s Instagram showcased his talent through stunning photos capturing the Manhattan skyline, seemingly taken from his high-rise apartment. He had been living with his girlfriend, who was visibly distraught and required medical attention after the tragic event.

Medwick’s brother was also present at the building, speaking with detectives about the circumstances surrounding the incident. Residents recalled him as a cartoonist who occasionally worked from home, with clients sometimes visiting the building to collect commissioned artwork.

While the community grapples with the aftermath of the tragedy, authorities stated that there were no suspicions of foul play. It was noted that Medwick had been dealing with depression before the unfortunate incident occurred.

Despite the somber atmosphere that now envelops the building, residents are left to mourn the loss of a talented individual whose untimely death has deeply impacted the community.