A Wintry ‘Snow Bomb’ May Pummel New York This Wednesday

A Wintry ‘Snow Bomb’ May Pummel New York This Wednesday

Forget about a White Christmas; some areas of New York might see a White Thanksgiving! While the country anticipates breaking the record for the highest volume of travelers in one day this week, the weather may have different plans for the millions of passengers estimated to be traveling this holiday season.

Meteorologists predict extreme weather threatening New York State during Thanksgiving week, starting Tuesday and lasting through Wednesday. Some New York counties may experience their first snowfall of the season.

Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the need for vigilance, stating, “We’re expecting freezing rain, snow accumulations, high winds – everything you would not want to see as you’re heading out for your holiday travels. But the warnings are out there, and I’m asking everyone to heed them at this time.” Buffalo and Watertown are considered most vulnerable.

Other areas, such as Huguenot, New York, and Port Jervis, New York, have a higher than 15% chance of seeing more than 0.1 inch of snow between November 20th and November 30th, according to the National Weather Service.

These conditions are expected to have “major impacts” on holiday travel. Governor Hochul explained that the state, including Homeland Security, DOT, Thruway Authority, National Guard, Parks, and DEC, is preparing for “the worst-case scenario.”

“We’re heading into the busiest travel season of the year, and of course, Mother Nature is preparing to slam us with a massive snowstorm right here in New York, at the prime peak time for holiday travel next Wednesday into Thursday. I wanted everyone to know that we’re taking this very seriously.”

As of now, NYC seems to be in the clear, with rain forecasted to stop before Thanksgiving on Thursday. The Governor advises people to alter their travel plans to ensure Wednesday isn’t their main travel day. Regardless of weather, NYC travelers should be wary, as NYC was recently deemed the fourth worst city for holiday travel in the country.